Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remarkable Tuesday

The day I opened my acceptance letter to college was, to say the least, an unforgettable day. My father's marble eyes filled with pride as he smiled at the news. My grandmother's cries of joy were heard all the way from Argentina, more than 5,000 miles away, well, through the telephone. Emotions rushed through my body like fresh water charging in after a flush, and like a running faucet, tears poured out of my eyes with no intention of stopping. I was amazed at how the right combination of letters in what seemed to be Times New Roman font size 12, could bring out such reactions. The letter now sits framed at my bedside as a reward for my accomplishment, a reminder of the joy it brought me and my family and as proof that anything is possible. I never thought that anything could match that day, but today, thankfully, I was proved wrong. In what at first seemed to be a flashback, I watched my brother open a similarly formatted letter congratulating him on his own acceptance. Cliche as may be, there are no words to describe the feeling that took over me. But it wasn't a feeling of excitement nor pride, I was just genuinely happy for him. I was happy to see my father's eyes glisten as he smiled at the news and I was happy to hear my grandmother's screams from the room next door. More than anything, I was happy to share tears with my brother as we hugged tighter and longer than usual. That night I made a simple toast at the dinner table, pausing frequently to control my emotions. From remembering my own acceptance to witnessing my brother's own, today was most definitely a remarkable Tuesday.

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